FBR’s Action Against Corrupt Officials Limited to Lower Grades

\FBR’s Action Against Corrupt Officials Limited to Lower Grades

The business community the option of using FBR’s protected mechanism for reporting complaints corrupt tax officials. Where the complainant’ identities are conceal.

The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Were publish by the FBR in Circular N 10 of 2021.  Report any FBR functionary for corruption. Rent-seeking, or unethical behaviour without worrying about getting even.

The FBR asserts it has consistently upheld a zero-tolerance attitude for corruption  rent-seeking. Integrity Committees were set up at the Head Office . Each Field Formation to stop these unethical acts in Inland Revenue (IR) Field Formations. Under these committees, any citizen taxpayer with a grievance an IR functionary could go to an Integrity Committee file a complaint.

Structure demonstrat to be a respectable method of resolving complaint .  Not yield the expect degree of outcom. The most likely explanation for the Integrity Committee . Subpar performance becau majority of complaint.  made anonymously or without any support documentation. even the identify of the violating employee.

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The complaint becomes a broad charge without clear articulation of the problem. se to FBR in its fight against corruption. The issue has been examin by FBR  discu with opinion leader member of the busine community.

It has come to light the complainants are withholding the details of the functionaries involved.  corruption. For the simple reason afraid of a backlash or a witch hunt. Accord to the FBR, the concern is unwarrant. needs proper mitigation, and the complainant must be shield from any untoward retaliatory incident.

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